Computer Repair

We work on all computers

Techmate works on Mac and Windows machines. Whether it's a laptop or a desktop, Techmate will accept the challenge. If your machine has physical damage, does not charge, is running SLOW, has strange popups and weirdness, or does not boot please bring it down to your local Techmate for a FREE diagnosis!

Upgrade to SSD

Get a Solid State Drive and bring new life to an older piece of equipment. Did you know we clone your drive so you don't have to re-install all those programs? Make your computer young again and get a 10x performance bump.

Price: starting at $199

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Computer Sales

Need a better computer for a fraction of new prices? We have refurbished business class and consumer grade computers for sale. Macbooks, Chromebooks, Desktops, and more! Need more power? Ask us about Custom Builds!

Price: Starting at $179

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Does your computer have a cold? Is it running slow and sluggish? Does it get mystery popups and lots of spinning things? Bring it in. Our doctors will take a look.

Price: $129

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RAM Upgrade

Need to speed up a slow computer or meet requirements for that heavy-lifting program? RAM upgrades are quick and a great value!

Price: Starting at $40

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We recycle most electronics! Desktop computers, laptops, cell phones, and more are all free! We do not recycle printers or monitors.

Price: Free for most things

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Data Recovery

We can recover data from failed desktops, laptops, USB flash drives, SD cards, backup drives and more!

Price: starting at $129

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If your laptop powers down shortly after unplugging the adapter, your battery is bad! We can replace it and breathe some life back into your computer. Some laptops can even accept extended batteries, with more cells for longer life!

Price: starting at $35

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Broken LCD

Most laptop screens can be replaced for much cheaper than a laptop replacement! Bring it in to get a free quote.

Price: starting at $99

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We can repair nearly everything else, so bring your broken electronics down to the shop and we can check to seee if it's worth repairing and what your options are if it isn't.

Price: Diagnostics are FREE for common devices

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