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Computer Services

Electronics Recycling

We recycle most electronics for free! Our focus is preventing all of the electronics waste from ending up in a landfill, so everything from old 56k modems to cable boxes and more can be recycled. We only have to charge for the larger and more dangerous items to recycle.

Electronics include computers, tablets, phones, dvd players, vcrs, laptops, batteries, and any device with an electronic board. If you bring a computer or laptop, we will remove the hard drive and give it back to you for free. The hard drive contains your data.


  • Electronics - Free
  • Small Printers - $5
  • Large Printers - $10
  • TVs/Monitors (24" and smaller) - $10
  • TVs (larger than 24") - $20
  • Plasma TVs - $0.50/lb

Fantastic service! Techmate will be our "go to" for all of our future technology issues! ”

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