Please note the following about repairs:
  • If your repair requires a part, parts can be hard to find and we're at the mercy of the supplier. These suppliers can be anywhere in the world, so it is possible a part will take a couple weeks.
  • Badly infected machines can take a few days to clean. We try to avoid re-imaging the machine unless we absolutely have to.
  • We do our best to communicate your repair status, but sometimes lapse due to work load. If you have some patience, it would be greatly appreciated. We understand you want your device back as soon as possible, we hope you understand we do everything in our power to get your device back to you as soon as possible. We get paid only when we finish a device.
  • iPads and tablets will take a few days. If the tablet requires a battery or charging port, those have to be ordered. We are sorry for that, but at this point we don't have the resources to keep tons of parts in stock.
Please note the following about repair priority:
  • Business computers take priority. This is because it's someone's livelihood. Let us know if your machine is a business machine.
  • We do our best to estimate completion dates. Please understand, this is still an estimate.
  • Let us know if you need the machine as soon as possible and the reason. We do make adjustments for good causes.

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