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Businesses need as little downtime as possible when tech problems strike. Fill out some information and we'll get back to you as soon as we possibly can. We will make your problem our highest priority.

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Much more than just a repair shop

Techmate is an IT shop. We do computer repair, but we also do so much more. If you need any service related to IT, give us a call. I think you'll be surprised at what we do.

Techmate uses a supplemental IT approach. What this means is that you are charged when you use the service. There are no contracts with our company, which means if you don't like our service then you have the option of not using us with no penalties to you. We know you will like us and continue with us.

Techmate invoices all business work with net 15 day terms.

Office Upgrade

Upgrade the machines in your office instead of replacing them! You can get a power upgrade for 1/3 the cost of brand new equipment, and no new-setup time wasted. WE PICK UP Friday and Deliver it Monday. No downtime!

Price: Starting at $149/computer

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Mesh Wifi

Don't stand for weak Wifi in your office! With a mesh network, you can get fast, complete wifi coverage throughout your building.

Price: Starting at $250

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VPN Service

Need to access your office computer from home or somewhere else? Set up a VPN to securely use your work computer from wherever you choose.

Price: starting at $90

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Office NAS

Do you need file sharing in the office? We'll set up a NAS (Network Attached Storage) and a 2nd offsite NAS for backup!

Price: starting at $399

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Equipment Sales

Need better equipment for a fraction of new prices? We can help find any equipment you need!

Price: starting at $249

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If you need any network infrastructure installed in your business, we can help! From cabling, access points, switches, routers, or modems, we've got you covered.

Price: Varies by needs

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Cameras & NVR

If you need security cameras that record 24/7 then we can help. We can install the cameras and set up the storage for backing up any videos you need to save. We can even set up remote viewing so you can watch the feeds from your phone!

Price: starting at $179 per camera

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Data Recovery

Loss of data can be devastating for a business, especially if there isn't a good backup system in place. That's why we offer data recovery for everything from hard drives to floppy disks.

Price: starting at $129

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Many companies give their employees phones and computers to use while on the job. It's also very common for those devices to break so we offer repair serevices with bulk discounts for phones, laptops, computers, etc.

Price: See our other services. Discounts for quantity.

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Custom Coding

Have a problem that can be solved with some software? We do custom programming!

Price: Projects need to be estimated

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Every business needs a good website. We can make your website pop and function the way you need it to.

Price: starting at $449

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General IT

For the rest of your IT needs, we are there to help! Setting up printers, resetting passwords, or securely destroying sensitive data - whatever it is, we can do it.

Price: starting at $100/hr

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Was told by the Apple Store that my phone screen was not fixable due to a small dent in the case. These guys laughed and said we can fix it, I am on my way to pick it back up from them. With a new screen... Great job guys! ”

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