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Techmate is happy to serve the community of Buffalo and its surrounding areas. Situated in old "Soo Town", you can get to us by turning off Highway 55 toward Culvers, crossing the railroad tracks, and taking the next right.
Computer repair comes in many forms- you might have a laptop that fell and the screen is broken. Bring it in for a free quote on a Laptop Screen Replacement.
You may have popups, threatening messages, or a web browser that goes where it wants to, rather than where you want it to go. Our Wellness Service will clean out that nasty malware, remove any viruses, and clean up the corruption left behind.
Maybe it's just a slow computer. Most recent (or even new) computers suffer from the speed of the spinning hard drive. With an SSD Upgrade, you get a wicked fast machine and extend the lifespan of the computer, saving you money!
If your computer has just had it or it's too old to warrant putting money into, we can replace it with a great Refurbished laptop or desktop, and for the truly hardcore customers we can Build A Custom PC for you with unrivaled performance for the money. Our Business Class Computers are a long term solution for those who want function over form, with a powerful machine that is built to last. Ask us about the differences!
Do you have a broken screen on your phone? We can replace that screen and save your fingertips! Check out our pricing on Phone Screen Repairs. We install new batteries too, to save you from upgrading your phone before you want to.
You can also get your tablet fixed. Check our Tablet Repair Pricing To see how much chores your kids will have to do for you to make up for breaking it!
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