Tablet Repair

Below you will find prices on our tablet repairs.

We try to be as competitive as possible on pricing. All of our parts are the highest quality, which tends to cost more. If you see a repair price that seems low, the parts you're getting are fake. They may work, or they may in fact damage your tablet. In some cases, we simply cannot beat the price that companies like Apple quote, but Apple can be difficult to work with. Techmate provides convenience with the highest quality parts.

How to identify your tablet

iPad - Go to Settings->General->About or follow the instructions here.
Android - Go to Settings->About.

If you do not see a tablet listed here, we most likely fix it. Call us for a price.


iisnoavzyeytiPad 2nd Gen89.00139.0099.00Y
qlzlsumahfdciPad 3rd Gen89.00139.0099.00Y
qwrsbjxffjrhiPad 4th Gen89.00139.0099.00Y
hskeyimmlcmiiPad 5th Gen109.00189.0099.00Y
ogynlzsftdejiPad 6th Gen129.00229.0099.00Y
xsidhmyncoupiPad Air89.00159.0099.00Y
vchomvbdwqwwiPad Air 2n/a269.00149.00N
aouuhjqcwdxyiPad Mini 189.00139.0099.00Y
lsvcojrlyrlmiPad Mini 289.00179.0099.00Y
fmzezqktulkniPad Mini 389.00179.0099.00Y
fhkexszltyofiPad Mini 4n/a189.00149.00N
dmedatdpjdnviPad Pro 9.7n/a199.00149.00N
icvzdqklyugwiPad Pro 10.5n/a229.00149.00N
jwxddbrusbgyiPad Pro 12.9 1st Genn/a269.00199.00N
cznhsqxzorcciPad Pro 12.9 2nd Genn/a569.00199.00N
rteaqjozenrmiPad Pro 12.9 3rd Genn/a299.00199.00N
ymjiqrxfmpskiPad Pro 11n/a439.00199.00N

DISCLAIMER: If your device is under warranty, get the work done through the manufacturer. By doing this, you will not void your warranty. Most devices are warrantied for a year. If you have Apple Care and an Apple device make an appointment through the Genius Bar.

Techmate Warranty Information: The warranty Techmate provides is for the work performed and any parts. In any event that the device is dropped or broken, the warranty is voided.

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