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Is your Wifi Slow or Undependable?

Do you have any of the following issues?

  • Netflix spinning wheel?
  • No Wi-Fi in certain areas of the home?
  • Do other family members complain about the Wi-Fi?

We take over where your ISP ends. Schedule a home evaluation to resolve your internet issues once and for all. We will create a roadmap for stress free internet. For $129, you receive the following:

  • A one hour in-home network analysis
  • A 3-4 page report with findings
  • A plan for resolution which you can implement

Much more than just a repair shop

Techmate is an IT shop. We do computer repair, but we also do so much more. Network issues.

If you need any service related to IT, give us a call. I think you'll be surprised at what we do.

Data Recovery

Need files from an old drive, we can do that. We only charge you if we recover data.

Device Mac/PC
Turnaround 1-7 days
Retrieve Data
Deep Scan
CD/DVD Repair

Do you have a CD or DVD that is scratched and need it repaired? Maybe the CD skips or doesn't play, we can fix it!

Per CD/DVD $3

If it's unrepairable there is no charge. If you take the DVD home and it still has the same issue, simply bring the receipt back and we'll refund your money.

SD Card Data Retrieval
See Pricing

If you need data that has been lost on a SD card, we may be able to retrieve it.

32Gb $40
64Gb $60
128Gb $120

If we can't get the data, there is no charge to you. Techmate only charges for value.

$1/Minute + $1/Mile

We offer onsite services at the best rates of any tech shop. We charge you $1/minute onsite and $1/mile one way. On-Site calls are by appointment only. Give us a call and schedule an onsite.

Area Any
Time Scheduled
Cost $1/minute
Mileage $1/mile one way
Photo Scanning
Pricing Below

Would you like your old photos scanned? Do you have old 35mm slides you need to get digitized?

Base Service $20
Per Photo $0.65
Per Flash Drive $20
Per Burned DVD $5
Rush Add 20%

Note that if images need to be adjusted, it will be an additional charge. The turn around time is dependent upon the quantity.

DVD Movie
Pricing Below

Would you like to throw together a graduation, wedding, memorial, reunion or birthday slideshow? All you need to do is bring in the photos and let us know what songs you would like. 50 photos is about 7 minutes of video. You will need at least two songs per 50 photos. The pricing assumes all photos are in digital format.

Base Service $100
Per Photo $1
Per video $10
Per Burned DVD $5
Rush Add 20%

Note that if images need to be converted or adjusted, it will be an additional $1 for the images that need manipulating. If pictures need to be scanned, it will be an additional $0.50 per photo.

Phone Data Retrieval
See Pricing

Do you have data that you need off an old phone? A phone needs to be working in order to get data from it. We'll temporarily repair the phone, grab the data and put the phone back the way it was.

Broken Phone $100
Working phone $60
Thumbdrive for data +$20

If we can't get the data, there is no charge to you. Techmate only charges for value.


I had some work done on my computer at TechMate in St. Michael, MN recently. I couldn't be more pleased with the service and the professionalism of the people in the store. Dan, Taylor and Austin went out of their way to make sure my issues were taken care of. I highly recommend this company if you have any computer or phone issues.  ”

Janet, Facebook

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