No. Just bring your device in anytime of day during store hours.
Turn around time varies depending upon the repair. Wellnesses take a day or so. Other repairs that require parts will vary depending upon the part and the vendor's shipping time. Once we have the part, the repair is done that same day. If the device is still working, you can still use it while the part is being ordered.
Nope, we are a different shop.
We recycle old computers and computer equipment as a free service. Old computers contain lead, arsenic


Our diagnostics are always free, so you can come pick up your computer or have us recycle it without any cost!
Bring it in - we can't tell you anything without seeing the machine first. Remember, there's no cost to you if you don't want to have it fixed after we tell you what it will cost to fix. There is no risk!

Phone and Tablet

All our parts are guaranteed. If you haven't broken the screen again (glass or frame not cracked) then we will replace it for free. If a part we replaced goes bad, call or bring it in immediately!
Yes! Unfortunately, most stores that sell phones, computers, and tablets do not hire technicians, they hire sales reps. They will always tell you it can't be fixed - they want to make a sale. It costs you nothing for us to tell you what is really going on with your device, so bring it in!


Yes. For businesses, our hours are flexible. We will work Sundays and nights if needed, but you should be aware that if parts are needed or something else must be ordered, there will be a delay. Very few computer parts can be overnighted or expedited, but in such an event we will come up with a temporary solution for you to get you back to work while we wait for parts to arrive.
In most cases, deleted files can be recovered. A person with a certain level of skill with computers however, can delete files in such a way that they can never be retreived.

Fantastic service! Techmate will be our "go to" for all of our future technology issues! ”

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