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Much more than just a repair shop

Techmate is an IT shop. We do computer repair, but we also do so much more. If you need any service related to IT, give us a call. I think you'll be surprised at what we do.

Techmate uses a supplemental IT approach. What this means is that you are charged when you use the service. There are no contracts with our company, which means if you don't like our service then you have the option of not using us with no penalties to you. We know you will like us and continue with us.

Techmate invoices all business work with net 15 day terms.

Emergency Services - Within 2 hours

Sometimes business comes to a grinding halt with the loss of a drive, router or switch. We'll take care of the situation quickly and efficiently and get you back to business.

Price: $100/hr - Minimum of one hour

Same Day Service - Same Day

If you need something done within a day, we can accomodate any IT need. Whether it's an installation or setup, we can take care of it.

Price: $80/hr - Minimum of one hour

Scheduled Service

If you have an IT need, you can schedule a time with one of our technicians to tend to the need. You are normally scheduled within 3 days of your call. This is the best value and allows Techmate to schedule resources to accomodate on-site services.

Price: $65/hr - Minimum of one hour

Project Development

Do you have a process that you wanted automated or a task that you need consolidated? Techmate has created software and plugins to move data from one system to another, to link systems, to consolidate processes or simply enhance systems that are currently in place.

Price: Per Project (Official Quote)

Website Development

Techmate can put a website up for you quickly and efficiently. We host websites and email accounts. Contact us with a need and receive a detailed quote within a couple days.

Price: Average is about $500-$1000

Website Hosting

Techmate can host a website for a company for a monthly rate.

Price: Most sites hosted start at $35/Month

Email Hosting

Techmate can host an email domain for a small company at reasonable rates which includes getting email from any device and a web based email solution. This makes it possible for a small company to have a solid presence when communicating with clients and partners. This includes documentation for email setup and a web based email option for out of office replies and configuration.

Price: $2/email address per month - $120 Setup Fee if DNS and setup is needed

Techmate is awesome! They helped me tremendously when I brought my cell phone in for repair recently. They are tenacious problem solvers with great customer service👍 I highly recommend them!  ”

Tricia, Facebook

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